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Our Mission

Mackenzie Leasing is a financial services company located in British Columbia. We provide equipment leasing to a wide variety of industries across Canada. We deal with small to large businesses, ensuring they receive the right equipment that fits within budget, and is perfect for the job.

We have long-standing relationships with customers, who continuously return to us when they need equipment leasing for their company, and we are dedicated to providing them the best customer care. Even after the equipment has been leased, we will ensure your satisfied with the equipment. Client care is our number one priority, which is why we have a high return and referral rate.

Commercial Equipment Leasing Specialist
Marc Mackenzie

Prior to being hired at Mackenzie Leasing, Marc worked as a proud owner-operator and, from 1998 to 2007, grew his single-vehicle trucking business into a full fleet with over 250 employees and 400 pieces of equipment.  Needless to say, Marc understands (from an equipment owner’s perspective) the leasing process inside and out.  Marc is very passionate about this industry and is proud to serve it.

Marc understands many industries. He has experience in commercial diving and fishing; conceptualizing and creating a courier company on Vancouver Island that is still in operation today with an extremely successful track record; and creating and grew a line-haul, logistics and time sensitive freight company.

He knows, understands and has maintained his knowledge of the trucking, courier, construction, marine, oil and gas industries to better serve his clients at Mackenzie Leasing.

Our Promise

Centralized in the Fraser Valley, Mackenzie Leasing will visit your company and have face to face contact to better understand your leasing needs. Be it Abbotsford or Zeballos, we are happy to serve your schedule.

Some of you are veterans to your field and we are here to listen and learn. Others may be just starting out and we are equally eager to advise and assist.

Your continued success from day one is vital to us – how else will we earn your trust if we don’t value your success?

Mackenzie Leasing works with some of the best lenders in Canada. We are proud of the relationships we have built. It has taken a number of years and challenges to get to this point, but the wait was well worth it.

Completely free and independent from one lending source, we are now able to offer clients the choices and options to help ensure their continued success.

My business is located on a remote gulf island, not only did Mackenzie Leasing get me approved, they got me approved on what is considered “older equipment” which I was told by 9 other banks was “ too old” for leasing. To top it all off, in the 11th hour when the company bought it all the dealer would not deliver the equipment. Mackenzie Leasing arranged a barge to deliver all the equipment at their own expense, they have my business for life!
As a crane truck operator, I needed very specific equipment. Not only was Mackenzie Leasing able to find the specific crane I wanted, they were able to find a tridem straight truck from another company. They bought it themselves and sent it to the crane dealer to install and lease it as one package. It was seamless and painless. I have been making many deals every day since, and now working on my getting my second truck. I highly recommend Mackenzie Leasing to anyone!
Having been hit personally by the recession in 2008, I was very doubtful I could even obtain the equipment necessary for my business. Not only was I approved in less than a day, not only was I able to get multiple pieces (truck, trailer, excavator, attachments and accessories all from different companies), I was also able to compete for a better rate and term. Mackenzie Leasing was able to customize my lease to suit my monthly payment budget. Since then I have been able to expand, hire more staff, and qualify for more equipment as I have grown.
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