Benefits of Leasing

Why lease with Mackenzie Leasing?

Mackenzie Leasing has been operating Canada wide for six years, and has one of the highest return and referral rates in the industry. This is due to our client care philosophy; ensuring each and every one of our clients has the right equipment, at the right price, and will ultimately be right for the job. We stand behind our service guarantee, because our clients are not a number. If our client is local within Port Hardy all the way to Prince George, we will come to you.

We strive to build client relationships that last. The client relationships we’ve built over the past six years have grown strong, because we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and quality service. Read our client testimonials; these are just a few examples of how ML puts the clients first. We are committed to your business’ success.

Overcome budget limitations

Leasing provides the opportunity to make low monthly payments that fit within your budget. Select the terms and options to fit your needs and budget. This is perfect for smaller businesses who want to keep their overhead at a reasonable rate. Also, leases typically do not require a large down payment; if you’re company is just starting off, the small down payment may make it easier to afford the necessary equipment to generate revenue.

Achieve financial flexibility

Leasing provides a number of payment terms to match business cash flow. Whether your business is project-based, seasonal, or expansion-related, leasing will give you freedom and financial flexibility.

Save on corporate taxes

When you file your business taxes with the CRA, your entire lease payment may be tax deductible. This is because the CRA does not generally consider an operating lease a purchase.

Local credit approval

Credit decisions are made in Canada, close to you. This makes it easy to get in touch with your creditors if you have questions or concerns about your lease.

Keep your bank and other credit lines open

Leasing keeps your banking and credit lines open, allowing you more financial freedom than if you were tied into a long-term financed loan. This also gives your business the freedom to invest in other revenue-generating activities; makes it easier to afford multiple products; or simply allows you to save the cash for a rainy day.

Obsolescence Protection

Leasing will allow you to match payment plans to the equipment’s expected useful lifetime. This ensures flexibility at the end of the term. When your lease term is up you have the choice to either take ownership of the equipment or walk away and upgrade to new technology. This keeps your business operating with the most current technology and equipment.

Protects against inflation

Leasing can help protect against future decreases in dollar value, because during a lease you only pay as you use it. As opposed to outright purchasing the equipment, you would pay the current dollar value as inflation rises.

Simple application

If you’re interested in leasing equipment, all it takes is a simple application. Mackenzie Leasing takes care of the rest for you.

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