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Mackenzie Leasing - Agricultural Equipment Leasing

We are a farm and agricultural equipment leasing company that leases a variety of farm equipment – like sprayers, tractors, and conveyors – to help ensure your your business is as productive as you need it to be. Mackenzie Leasing offers a flexible equipment leasing service to finance the lease for a wide range of agricultural equipment – from balers to grain bins equipment, from livestock equipment to irrigation equipment. All it takes is a fast and easy application with simple documentation, and we will handle the rest.

We have long-standing relationships with our farmers, who continuously return to us when they need equipment leasing for their farm, and we are dedicated to providing them the best customer care. Even after the equipment has been leased, we will continuously follow up to ensure that you’re satisfied with the equipment. Client care is our number one priority, which is why we have a high return and referral rate.

Regardless of your business’ size, we will ensure your business gets the equipment it needs, within budget. We have a quick lease application process that requires simple documentation, and will conserve your credit lines.


This agricultural equipment is perfect for baling hay, cotton, straw, or silage. It compresses the the cut and raked crop into compact-sized rounded or square (depending on the baler) bales, making the crop easy to handle, transport, and store. This is an extremely useful and popular farming equipment.

Grain Bins

Grain bins, or also known as “silos”, offer storage protection for all types of grains or fermented crop. They can come in many different sizes and types, like stiffened and unstiffened. If you’re a grain operator, or contractor, then you might be looking for grain bins to safely store your crop.

Grain Handling Equipment

Grain handling equipment covers a wide range of heavy agricultural equipment used to handle and process grains. For instance, various types of backsavers, remote swings, conveyors, and augers. We also lease grain vacuums, grain cleaners, and swath rollers.

Harvest Equipment

We lease a wide variety of harvesting equipment from combines to pick-up heads to draper heads. The pick-up head is perfect for small grain harvesting. The grain heads have high-powered combines for faster harvesting speed and are useful for a tougher crop. The draper heads have wide range cutters and variable speeds perfect for multiple different crops. We also lease flex auger heads for improved feeding into the combine; corn heads for high-quality corn harvesting; and a wide range of combine machinery.

Irrigation Equipment

Precise agricultural irrigation helps preserve our finite water supply and produces sustainable energy-conservation and higher production of crop. We lease irrigation equipment from core components to whole systems. Some of the irrigation equipment we lease are for systems like overhead irrigation, drip-micro irrigation, and greenhouse irrigation.

Livestock Equipment

We lease livestock handling equipment for all your livestock needs. Equipment like handling tubs, squeeze and headgates, pens and tables, bison systems, feeding equipment, panels and gates, and loading chutes.


Plows are used to loosen soil, and help increase water drainage. Plowing also kills off weeds. We offer leasing for all types of farming plows. Here’s a bit about a few: moldboard plows are perfect for cutting through soil, loosening it up for new crop. The chisel plow is typically used for deep tillage. It disturbs the soil deep beneath to try and avoid disturbing the top soil layer. Ridge plows do as the name suggests: create ridges. They are double winged to raise the soil into a furrow. Disc plows have large circular discs to cut into the soil with the wedge-sharpened blade.

Seeding Equipment

Choosing the right seeding equipment matters. Every farm is unique. Cropping practice, tillage, soil type, and trash level plays a role in determining the best, most effective seed delivery system. We can help you determine which is right for your farm, if you’re unsure.


Used to spray liquid into the field, sprayers are efficient in distributing herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. From propelled sprayers to boom sprayers, we lease whichever type you need for your farming needs. We lease a wide variety of sprayer types and our terms are flexible to fit any budget.


We lease a wide range of tractors for every towing and agricultural need. Tractors are a must-have utility vehicle that is versatile and customize-able. We have a large pool of vendors to pull from so we can find the perfect fit, if your unsure.

Customer Reviews

My business is located on a remote gulf island, not only did Mackenzie Leasing get me approved, they got me approved on what is considered “older equipment” which I was told by 9 other banks was “ too old” for leasing. To top it all off, in the 11th hour when the company bought it all the dealer would not deliver the equipment. Mackenzie Leasing arranged a barge to deliver all the equipment at their own expense, they have my business for life!
As a crane truck operator, I needed very specific equipment. Not only was Mackenzie Leasing able to find the specific crane I wanted, they were able to find a tridem straight truck from another company. They bought it themselves and sent it to the crane dealer to install and lease it as one package. It was seamless and painless. I have been making many deals every day since, and now working on my getting my second truck. I highly recommend Mackenzie Leasing to anyone!
Having been hit personally by the recession in 2008, I was very doubtful I could even obtain the equipment necessary for my business. Not only was I approved in less than a day, not only was I able to get multiple pieces (truck, trailer, excavator, attachments and accessories all from different companies), I was also able to compete for a better rate and term. Mackenzie Leasing was able to customize my lease to suit my monthly payment budget. Since then I have been able to expand, hire more staff, and qualify for more equipment as I have grown.