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Why lease with Mackenzie Leasing?

Mackenzie Leasing has been operating Canada wide for six years, and has one of the highest return and referral rates in the industry. This is due to our client care philosophy; ensuring each and every one of our clients has the right equipment, at the right price, and will ultimately be right for the job. We stand behind our service guarantee, because our clients are not a number. If our client is local within Port Hardy all the way to Prince George, we will come to you.

We strive to build client relationships that last. The client relationships we’ve built over the past six years have grown strong, because we go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction and quality service. Read our client testimonials; these are just a few examples of how ML puts the clients first. We are committed to your business’ success.

Application Form:

  • Personal Information

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  • For the purpose of procuring and maintaining credit, the undersigned submits the foregoing information as being a full, true and correct statement of financial condition on the date stated. We hereby grant our permission to obtain information from any credit grantor and any of the references provided herein to Mackenzie Leasing and/or its affiliates.

    “I hereby authorize Mackenzie Leasing and any of its representatives or partners to collect use and disclose my personal information for the purposes of investigating and providing financial services. I have been informed by Mackenzie Leasing or its partners or representatives, that my personal information is collected, used and disclosed for the following purposes: (1) to collect credit and related financial information from me, from credit agencies, and from any parties listed herein, (2) to use the information collected to determine my financial situation, to provide financial services I have requested and to offer additional products and services of Mackenzie Leasing that may be of benefit to me, (3) to share the information with assignees, bankers or funding partners of Mackenzie Leasing, (4) to share the information collected and any information on my commercial dealings with Mackenzie Leasing with credit agencies or other financial institutions. Further, I specifically acknowledge that Mackenzie Leasing may assign this agreement and any related agreements in whole or in part from time to time and I agree that any personal information collected in relation to this agreement may be made available to any such proposed assignee.”

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Apply for a leaseApply for a lease
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